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Symbolic eye pillow

Eye Pillow Yellow 3rd Chakra

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We have chosen to represent the 3rd Chakra Point in the body with this Divine Goddess Eye Pillow. We know the Chakra Points in our body represent the energy centres throughout the spine and we feel blessed we get to immerse ourselves in this energy when we use this Divine Goddess Eye Pillow.


This Divine Goddess Eye Pillow represents the 3rd Chakra Point within the body.  The colour associated with this energy centre is Yellow and we have chosen to work with 100% cotton fabric for this Divine Goddess Eye Pillow.

We use 100% cotton for this cover as we know that natural fibres are the ones that work best for most yogic practices.  Yoga practice can become hot and sweaty and we realise that the heat and toxins need to leave the body and therefore your Eye Pillow if they are to remain clean and work their best magic for us.  Cotton is a natural fibre and allows the heat in and out of your Eye Pillow.  We love that.

The 3rd Chakra Point in the body is just above the navel area, called the Solar Plexus.  The function of this Chakra Point is will power.  Having this energy centre clear and clean allows you to work with your will power to your own good and betterment.  Its inner state is laughter, joy and anger. The planets associated with the Chakra Point are Mars and the Sun, light working.

When this Chakra Point is balanced it is more possible to calm your emotions and ease frustrations in life.  This then in turn helps us to work with our intuition without obstacles in or way.

We have filled the insert with Organic Lavender Flowers and Linseed.  These Organic Lavender Flowers are worked on by hand by a very sweet family that have dedicated their lives to the growing of Organic Lavender.  We searched around Australia until we found the right family for us and we couldnt be happier to be working with such a divine group of people.

Use this Divine Goddess Eye Pillow well and it will travel with you anywhere.  We also take ours on the plane, to help us slip into the ethers as we fly across the globe in search of another beautiful adventure.


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