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Symbolic eye pillow

Eye Pillow Red Ohm Foil

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A very beautiful Divine Goddess Eye Pillow.  We have worked hard to perfect our method of foil printing and this version of the Ohm Eye Pillow is just so divine.  The luminescent qualities of the OHM and the foil work so very well together.

Ohm is the mantra that makes the vibration that heals from the inside out.  Everyone can make this mantra if they have the feeling for it.  Ohm is powerful, profound and so sacred.  We love the feeling that comes from chanting ohm.  It takes us within ourselves, to the light and the healing that is needed.  Maybe just to the happy place that dwells inside all of us.

Use this Divine Goddess Eye Pillow when the class is over and its time to ly down for Sarvasana.  Feel the qualities and the healing vibrations of Ohm and take some time out.  We love to do this and so will you. 

Lavender flowers relax the senses and soothe the nervous system.  We are sure these Lavender Flowers will work on you, we have tested them time and time again and they are divine we know!!

The cover is manufactured from 100% cotton which allows the toxins to move freely through the eye pillow when you are hot and sweaty or just releasing.  This is perfect for all yogis and is fully machine washable and oh so durable.  Washing in the machine and living in the world.  A small treasure can bring so much happiness and tranquility.

 This eye pillow will assist in opening your heart and finding your spirit. The cover is fully removable and washable. The insert is filled with organic lavender flowers and linseed. Lavender helps to soothe the senses and calm the soul.

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