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Symbolic eye pillow

Eye Pillow Red Foil Lotus

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We are the first company to bring you Eye Pillows with this kind of beauty.  We have worked hard to create this foil print for you and we feel it reflects the true beauty that can accompany any yoga practice.  The golden hue awakens the light within and we all love that.

The print is our own original design.  The lotus flower as a mandala is divine and beautiful.  Mandalas are a tool for centering the mind and freeing the spirit.  What better place to do this than in a yoga class.  Sarvasana has never looked so good!!  We have chosen to place the symbol for the Mantra OHM in the centre to help us access that quiet place within.  Divine, delicious and oh so beautiful.

Deep red for the colour of the eye pillow and adorned with a golden foil lotus flower. The lotus flower symbolises the purity of the heart. The universal symbol ohm resides in the centre of the flower, the vibration of all that is and all that will be.

This eye pillow has a removable cover which is 100% cotton and fully washable.

The insert is filled with organic lavender flowers and linseed. Lavender soothes the senses and calms the nervous system.  Where possible we like to use natural ingredients to our products and these Organic Lavender Flowers do just the job.  They will retain their scent for time to come as they are natural and divine.  Lavender will helps the senses to calm down when the mind is racing when really we would like it to slow down and find some peace.

Take a few minutes and give yourself a break.  The benefits are just so divine!

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