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Symbolic eye pillow

Eye Pillow Red 1st Chakra

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This Divine Goddess Eye Pillow represents the 1st Chakra point on our spiritual and physical body. It represents the Base Chakra and all the goodness that is contained in this point in the body.


We love to practice yoga at Divine Goddess.  We love Sarvasana at the end of a yoga practice and we recognise that sometimes it is not always easy to sink into this posture.  We created our collection of Divine Goddess Eye Pillows with this posture and practice in mind.

We have chosen to use the colour red in our 100% cotton cover for this Eye Pillow.  Red is the colour associated with the base chakra, the 1st chakra point in the body.  The funciton of this Chakra Point is to provide stability and grounding for our beloved yogis.  Its  inner state is stillness and tranquility and the planets associated with this Chakra are the Sun and Moon.  This Chakra gives energy to the physical body and helps us to control fear and to provide a feeling of well being within the physical body.

We have filled the removable inserts with Organic Lavender Flowers and linseed.  These Organic Lavender Flowers are grown on an organic farm within Australia by a super sweet family that we so enjoy to work with.

The Organic Lavender Flowers retain their scent and help to relax the nervous system and to calm the senses.  We adore that they are natural flowers and hold their scent so well.

We have made the cover removable and completely washable so that you have the choice of whether to wash or not if class becomes sweaty or you are using these in a yoga school.

Made with love and light and for the ongoing practice of our beloved Yoga


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