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Symbolic eye pillow

Eye Pillow Pink Yantra

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This is another delightful addition to the Divine Goddess Eye Pillow family.  We adore Eye Pillows and the magic they help us to achieve in our yoga practice.

This Divine Goddess Eye Pillow is designed with love and light in mind and quality of the heart in action.  We love the 100% Cotton cover we use to hold the goodness inside.  This 100% cotton cover is fully machine washable and durable.  Sometimes we get hot and move alot in class and enjoy the option of washing the cover if we need to.  This is wonderful and the natural fibre nature of the cover allows the heat of the body to move back and forth, not remaining trapped within the Eye Pillow itself.

We have filled the insert with organic Lavender Flowers and linseed.  The Lavender soothes the senses and relaxes the nervous system.  We love this.  This Eye Pillow retains its scent for a long time to come.  Enjoy the natural flavour of Lavender and the goodness it brings with it.

We also adore Yantra.  Geometric patterns that begin from within and soothe from the inside out.  This is the Yantra of Compassion.  This beloved Yantra will help you achieve compassion, kindness and patience with all you mix with.  A beloved gift and nuturing product for the soul.

Use this Eye Pillow well and it will guide you to a sense of calm and tranqullity.

LOVE xxx

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