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Symbolic eye pillow

Eye Pillow Navy Lotus

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Another delightful addition to the Divine Goddess Eye Pillow family.  We absolutely adore the Eye Pillows we create and bring to you.

Manufactured from 100% cotton.  These covers are fully removable and totally washable.  We know how sweaty a practice can be and the feeling of trapped heat on the body is not beautiful.  These Eye Pillows from Divine Goddess allow you to completely let go during Sarvasana.  We know this is one of the most important postures of each and every practice but not always so easy to sink into.

Wash this cover when you need to.  Clean the energy and refill the light.

We have filled the insert with organic lavender flowers and linseed.  These organic lavender flower retain the scent for time to come and help the user to calm the senses.  Our nervous systems also relax and we feel settled from the weight of the eye pillow.

We have created this eye pillow in a beautiful and luscious navy blue.  Combined with the turquoise of the trimming and the print this is a beautiful and sacred tool.

Take the time at the end of practice and enjoy the benefits the Sarvasana has to offer you.

Sink below the surface, see whats there and reside in the light!!


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