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Symbolic eye pillow

Eye Pillow Blue Sri Yantra Silver Foil

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This Sri Yantra is the Yantra of compassion. It reminds us that compassion begins with ourselves and from this place of sweetness can we share the blessings this bestows.

Recognise that this is a wonderful work so we created this magical Yantra for you in Silver Foil, utterly divine x


Sri Yantras are magical drawings.  They are created using sacred geometry and every Yantra has a different meaning.  

This is the Yantra of Compassion.  We know that all of us are born with ultimate compassion but keeping that flow strong takes a little practice as we get older.  Yoga is one of the best tools for creating this work to maintain ultimate compassion.

We adorn this Divine Goddess Eye Pillow with this Silver Foil Sri Yantra to remind ourselves that compassion is in all of us.  Show some kindness to ourselves and then share it with the outer world.  One breath at a time and one day at a time.  Continuing to develop compassion is good for the whole planet.

We use covers manufactured out of 100% cotton.  This natural fibre is perfect for letting the toxins out and keeping the magic in.  They are washable and the inserts are seperate.  Perfect.

The Organic Lavender Flowers we use to fill the inserts are beautiful and grown on an organic farm, tended to be a very cute family we love.  The Organic Lavender Flowers soothe the nervous system and awaken our senses.  This is perfect for Savasana at the end of a good yoga class but we also bring them on the plane with us for added relaxation possibilities.

Loving this product xx

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