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Symbolic eye pillow

Eye Pillow Blue Shiva Mandala Foil

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We adore Eye Pillows at Divine Goddess and feel sure that you will too once you try these beloved products.

Filled with Organic Lavender Flowers and Linseed, they soothe the senses and awaken the spirit.


This is another stunning Divine Goddess Eye Pillow.  We have manufactured the 100% cotton cover in a deeply beautiful Navy Blue.  This is a natural fibre and we love to use natural fibres wherever we can.  The nature of this fabric means that the toxins, heat and sweat can move freely through the fabric and not remain stuck in place and gathering dust.

We chose to make the covers not only 100% cotton but also removable and washable.  This is wonderful as we realise that yoga sometimes ends in a sweaty mess of love and light and having the choice of whether to wash this magic out or keep it in is just what we would like to have.  The choice.

We have designed this beautiful Shiva mandala with the God Shiva in mind.  Shiva danced and created the universe and all within it.  A perfect reminder of completely how amazing and delicious the human race can be.  Use this Divine Goddess Eye Pillow when you feel the desire to remind yourself of your own magic and then go out into the day and share that magic with everyone you see.

We have filled the inserts with Organic Lavender Flowers and linseed.  The Organic Lavender Flowers are grown on the sweetest farm we could imagine.  A divine family farm these flowers and work on them by hand before they join us here at Divine Goddess.

This is the perfect partner for a sweet Sarvasana.  Join us and see for yourself

LOVE xxx

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