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Symbolic eye pillow

Eye Pillow Blue Ganesha

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We love Ganesha and Ganesha loves us!! Ganesha is the God who removes the blockages and the step falls in our pathway to success!! He reminds us we can do anything and to do it with love and joy makes it twice as much fun.  Ganesha helps us at the start of a journey and right through to the very end.  How divine and delicious!

We have used 100% cotton for the cover of the Divine Goddess Eye Pillow and made it completely removable.  This is excellent as it allows the cover to be washable when the going gets hot.  If you have practiced a strong class and feel abit hot and bothered it is nice to know you can wash off the toxins if you feel to.  It is also perfect for the Yoga Studios who use our Eye Pillows as many students can make a dirty Eye Pilow and its good to clean them.  The covers will handle a wash in the machine easily.

The inserts of this Divine Goddess Eye Pillow are filled with Organic Lavender Flowers and Linseed.  The Linseed provides the weight for the eyes and induces deep relaxation.  The Lavender Flowers help to calm the nervous system and soothe the senses.  This is perfect for everyday use and the Lavender Flowers retain their scent so well as they are a natural flower.

We love to practice yoga and we enjoy a deeply felt Sarvasana but sometimes it is not so easy to sink within.  Divine Goddess Eye Pillows will help you with this when you need a little loving to go within.

Use them every day and feel the difference!

0 out of 5 stars (1)
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    Just checking if you have wholesale prices on bulk orders of 10 or more?

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