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Symbolic eye pillow

Eye Pillow Blue Buddha Silver Foil

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A luscious deep blue mixes with the royal symbolism of the Buddha and relaxation is yours!

Organic Lavender Flowers soothe the senses whilst Buddha works his calming magic xx


The Divine Goddess Eye Pillow range brings to you the most lovely of styles filled with the goodness of Organic Lavender Flowers and linseed.  These flowers retain their scent and soothe the senses.  They also calm the nervous system which is delightful.

We love the posture of Savasana but sometimes we could do with a little help in sinking through.  The Divine Goddess Eye Pillows assist you in this capturing of a deeper sense of relaxation.  The weight of the Eye Pillows is very soothing.

We have chosen to use 100% cotton for the cover of this Eye Pillow.  The natural fibre nature of this fabric allows the heat to leave and the goodness to remain inside.

We make the inserts seperately so that the covers are able to be washed if necessary.  The closure is a thick velcro strip which keeps everything together.

These are perfect for the end of class posture Savasana but we also take them on the plane with us when we travel.  Can always enjoy a little assistance anywhere from Divine Goddess!

Love now!!

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