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Symbolic eye pillow

Eye Pillow Black Lotus Foil

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How sweet it is that the Lotus Flower represents new beginnings. We love the stunning foil nature of this print and the fact that this is a very special Eye Pillow indeed!


This is a very stunning Eye Pillow from Divine Goddess Yoga Products.  We created this foil print with love in mind and joy in our hearts.  This stunning foil print form represents the sacred and shining path of truth and liberty.

The 100% cotton cover allows the heat to move freely through the cover and not remain trapped inside and building more heat.  It is a pleasure to relax at the end of class and sink into the floor.  Feeling the benefits of your yoga practice begin to sink into your body and soothe the soul.

We also love the Lotus Flower.   This flower represents new beginnings.  We all move towards the light, away from the murky pond.  Dancing in the light and with love is why we are all here.  Remember this with the Lotus Flower. We make the new beginnings, we make the changes that allow these beginnings to nuture us from within.

This cover is fully machine washable and extremely durable.  We love it and feel sure you will too

Enjoy your yoga practice, love your life


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