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Symbolic eye pillow

Eye Pillow Black Foil Ganesha

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We love the time of the class when Sarvasana becomes our posture.  This is one of the most important asanas of the practice.  Taking the time to allow rest to be your close companion is our beloved work.  Taking the time to give yourself release to the universal energy is important and something that takes practice.

We have created our collection of Divine Eye Pillows with rest and relaxation in mind! 

Our covers are removable and completely washable.  We have manufactured them from 100% cotton and we love them.  Having the option to wash the cover is wonderful as sometimes practice gets sweaty and cleaning them is good.  Cotton allows the heat to move through the eye pillow and not remain stuck on top of the body.

Our inserts are filled with organic lavender and linseed.  Lavender relaxes the senses and calms the nervous system.  This weight and the benefits of the Lavender fill us with light and love.

These Eye Pillows will last and last.  Using real organic lavender allows the scent to remain for many practices.

Ganesha is gold foil is a joy to behold.  Ganesha is the god who removes obstacles in our pathway to success.  Whenever you need help in remembering we can make the path clear it is Ganesha who comes to the fore.  Ask and he will be there to assist and laugh.  Ganesha is the god who dances and is playful.  Life can be serious but it neednt be fun.  Ganesha reminds us that the joy of life is right here and right now.

Beautiful and beloved Eye Pillow ready for you right now!

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