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Symbolic eye pillow

Eye Pillow Aqua Pink Ganesha

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We love our Ganesha. He is the God who removes the obstacles in our pathway of life and love and how very grateful we truly are!


Ganesha is the most popular of all the Gods.  He removes the obstacles to life and its blessings for all of us.  Ganesha is also the God of the scribes, the poets.  He brings blessings to the people that write for us, sharing their thoughts and beliefs for the world at large.

We love the dancing depiction we have created of this Ganesha.  All of the Divine Goddess artworks are created by heartfelt artists and we search high and low until we connect with just the right ones.  This artwork is an original piece of love from us to you!

We have manufactured this Divine Goddess Eye Pillow cover from 100% cotton.  This natural fibre allows the toxins, heat and blessings to seap through the fabric and out into the world.  Sharing all that we have created in yoga class.  How perfect.

We have filled the inserts with Organic Lavender Flowers and Linseed.  The Organic Lavender Flowers are of a protective nature and allow us some protection from whatever it is we need.  Feel like you need a little strength to go into the day, call on your Divine Goddess Eye Pillow.  Needing some assistance in sleeping well.  Call on the Divine Goddess Eye Pillow to help you fall deeply into sleep at the end of a long day.

We have made these covers washable which is lovely.  Up to you how often and if at all you do it but we do enjoy to give a choice as much as possible.

Loving the posture Sarvasana and the blessings that it brings with it.  Sink down, go within and find the magic for yourself!

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