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Eternal Bracelet - Black/silver

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Sweet and simple and straight to the heart! This is what we love about Ananda Soul Creations and one of the many reasons we love working with them. Sterling silver and hand woven silk combine to bring in the light!


The sterling silver pendant that sits so sweetly on this necklace represents Pachamama - mother earth.  Representing all her divine blessings, her abundant power and grace and her ability of utter forgiveness.  All pendants in the Ananda Soul Creations collection are created from sterling silver.  Worked on by hand with love by skilled artisans who are mothers themselves.

Ananada Soul Creations work with a stunning charity in Bali called The Safe Childhoods Foundations.  This charity works towards protecting children from poverty and sex trafficking.  10% of all profits are donated to this charity.

The silk is hand woven on this bracelet and the whole bracelet is adjustable.  This makes it possible for all sizes of women to wear this bracelet and shine alongside Ananda Soul Creations.

We love the hand made tassels on the end!  Sweet and hard to resist.

Ananda Soul Creations and Divine Goddess believe that all women are beautiful, every day.  Straight out of the sea, in the kitchen or made up, ready for a night out.  Celebrate the ladies with us and find some Eternal Balance for yourself


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