Silver Palace of the Wind Earrings es3-spr


These are another pair of totally beautiful Sterling Silver earrings from our friends at Satya Jewellery in New York! We adore the delicate nature of these beauties and feel incredibly lucky to share this magic with you.

Satya Jewellery is made by two wonderful women in New York City. They began their quest for spiritual jewellery when the need in them met the creativity off the mat!

ThePalace of the Wind Earrings in 925 Sterling Silver are a delight to behold! Manufactured by hand we adore the delicate feel and swing of the hand made tassels. These earrings sit against the skin and highlight our beauty and dedication to womanhood.

We love the Sterling Silver tassels. These are one of our favourite pairs of Satya Jewellery earrings at present. We also adore the fact that the ladies at Satya make limited edition collections so we have these beloveds for sale for just a short time. Maybe next month they will be sold out for good! Quickly, now is the time!

We also love the fact that Satya Jewellery have begun their own Foundation which donates a percentage of sales from every piece sold and then gives generously to various children's charities around the world. THIS we love.

Jewellery with meaning, jewellery with heart, jewellery with love

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