Silver Mini Ohm Earrings es285


Sweet and simple best describes these earrings.  Proudly brought to you by Satya Jewelry from New York City.  This is a very skilled and talented team of individuals dedicated to producing the highest quality in spiritual jewelry.

Manufactured in Sterling Silver with a matte finish.  These earrings are manufactured the old fashioned way.  The skilled artisans from Satya Jewellery make a wax mould of these earrings.  Then they fill the mould with the liquid beauty that is 925 Sterling Silver.  Once the metal has hardened they take it out of the mould and file the pieces individually and by hand.  This means that each and every piece has been hand worked upon.  Filled with love and good intention.  How totally divine and unusual for this day and day of modern technology.  You can be sure that you will feel the difference here.

The Ohm symbol represents the vibration we make when we create the sound Ohm.  This vibration is felt by all beings, humans and animals.  The repeated repetition of this mantra will cause the yogi to feel calm and tranquil.  The continued use of this mantra wil also alleviate tension and stress and bring about feelings of deep joy and happiness.

Wear these earrings day and night, on and off the mat.



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