Eye Pillow Purple Ganesha Lilac

Colour: Purple

We like to create the most beautiful Divine Goddess Eye Pillows that we can.  We believe that all yoga products have the right to be as stunning as the practice we keep.  Another one arrives for you at Divine Goddess.

We have used 100% hand dyed cotton for the cover of this Divine Goddess Eye Pillow.  We love the lighter shade of purple and the softness of the colour on the cotton.  This sweet purple will soothe you when its time to go within.  Divine!

Ganesha sits sweetly on this Eye Pillow is a contrasting deep purple.  We have used the deep purple also with the piping to bring it all together.  Ganesha is the God who removes obstacles in our pathway to success.  Whatever pepples or boulders are in your way Ganesha will help you to find the way past these troubles and skip over them on the way to your chosen success.

We love the lightness of this Eye Pillow and feel sure you will too once you try it.

We have used Organic Lavender Flowers for the insert.  The Lavender Flowers relax the senses and soothe the nervous system.  Perfect for the end of class in Sarvasana or just as appropriate on the plane or on the sofa in the lounge room.  We like to go within at the end of class but like all good people, sometimes we could use a hand!

Try this divine work for yourself and see how good it feels.



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