Eye Pillow Pink Ganesha Foil

Colour: Pink

This is one of our limited edition Divine Goddess Eye Pillows. We will only carry this item until it is sold out so be quick whilst we still have stock available.

This is a very sweet and pretty eye pillow. Pale pink fabric holds the silver foil design of Ganesha on the front of the eye pillow. This style of print is striking and beautiful.

Ganesha is the God who is the remover of obstacles and with Ganesha's assistant the user of this eye pillow will be able to pass through any difficulties they are currently experiencing, breath by breath. Ganesha teaches us that everything is ok and to take things one day at a time.

The cover is fully removable, washable and made from 100% cotton. We like to use natural fibres wherever possible at Divine Goddess. It is kinder to the body and more kind to the soul!!

The insert is filled with organic lavender flowers and linseed. Lavender calms the nerves and soothes the senses. We use Organic Lavender Flowers as they retain their scent for a long time and we find them so divine to work with. The inserts are seperate to the covers so there is a choice of whether to wash the covers once they have been used many times.



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