Eye Pillow Pink Ganesha Light Pink


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Colour: Pink

We bring to you another delightful Eye Pillow design from Divine Goddess. We know that Sarvasana is one of the most important postures in every yogis practice. Sometimes it is not so easy to sink into the silence that follows class and we like to lend a hand where we can.

Eye Pillows are just the ticket for helping a moving mind find calm. We have filled the insert of this Divine Eye Pillow with organic lavender flowers and linseed. The lavender flowers are grown organically and help the calm the senses. They soothe the nervous system and bring us closer to a place of peace.

We have manufactured this Eye Pillow cover in 100% cotton. This allows the heat to move through the Eye Pillow and not remain trapped inside heating up the face but also absorbing the toxins and sweat that we produce after a strong class. We love that you can wash these Eye Pillow covers and use them again and again.

We have placed our beloved Ganesha on the cover this time. Ganesha is the god who removes obstacles in our pathway to success. He is the guy we turn to when we feel stuck and blocked and not sure which way to turn. Ganesha is fun and loves to dance. He is your partner when the beginning of a new project needs a little help.

Ganesha is also the lord ofthe scribes. The poets and the writers. No more writers block for you if you invoke the blessings of Ganesha.

Many yoga studios are loving our Eye Pillows these days. Why not bring beauty into your home or yoga class. Divine Goddess products remember that yoga is divine and so are we.

Take your Pink Ganesha Eye Pillow home today and feel the difference. Delightful, divine!


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