Eye Pillow Pink Flying Ganesha Turquoise

Colour: Pink

There is nothing like the feeling of lying down on your yoga mat after a particularly blessed or strong yoga practice. The sensation of sinking through the floor and accessing the deeply seated sense of joy and peace is sacred and life saving.

What about when it is not quite as easy as normal. Sometimes we find our thoughts start racing and we need a little help in the sinking sensation. This is where Divine Goddess Eye Pillows will come to the fore.

We designed these Eye Pillows with love and relaxation in mind. This is another one of our beloved and sacred items we offer to you.

100% cotton cover that is hand dyed just for you. We have chosen hot pink for this cover and the hue is divine. Pink awakens the light within the heart and this shade is deep and luscious. We have used cotton for the cover as it allows the heat to move through the Eye Pillow and not stay stuck. There are many times we have sweated through a class and we love the option of washing the cover if we feel to. Also perfect for studios as many students mean it is almost always necessary to wash these covers. The Divine Goddess Eye Pillow will handle washing with easy and joy.

We have filled the insert with Linseed and Organic Lavender Flowers. These Lavender Flowers retain their scent for time to come. Natural and beautiful they fill the Eye Pillow with a sensation that requires us only to find relaxation and languish in it. The Linseed creates a weight that soothes the senses and relaxes the eyes.

Ganesha is flying on this Eye Pillow. Turquoise in colour and divine in nature, he is our helping friend to remove the obstacles in our pathway to success. Ganesha reminds us that we can take the obstacles out of the way ourselves. We need to focus a little and work a little and the path will become clear for us all.

Enjoy this Divine Goddess Eye Pillow. We believe that all practitioners of yoga deserve to look wonderful and feel just as good. We know you will love this beauty. The Divine Goddess Eye Pillows will easily fit inside the pocket of our Divine Goddess Yoga Mat Bags so bring one along to class and feel the difference that a blessed Sarvasana can make.

Love yourself now!!!


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