Eye Pillow Navy Shiva Mandala Turquoise

Colour: Navy

The deep blue of this fabric is lovely.  We use 100% cotton to make the covers of our Divine Goddess Eye Pillows because we know that natural fibres will always work best for items that sit against the skin.  This makes it easy for the toxins to leave and the sweetness to remain inside.  There is the possibility of creating a magical energy that stays with your Eye Pillow.  It will grow over time, presenting blessings of deep relaxation to you each time you use it.

The Shiva Mandala represents the God Shiva.  The creator, the dancer and the destroyer.  We have all of these elements within all of us.  Lurking, loving and waiting to meet the light.  This is a beautiful design and a beautiful energy, use it well.

We grow our Organic Lavender Flowers on an organic farm.  Tended to by a lovely family for us.  We love the high quality of these flowers.  Lavender is a scent that soothes the nervous system, helping us to remain calm and keep that peace throughout the day.  Day after day, week after week.  Growing this deepening sense of peace is somethig that we hold very dear at Divine Goddess.

Deep blue and turquoise mix so nicely we love this look.  The print and the piping are the same colours and reflect so well with the deep blue of our cotton fabric.  The covers are washable, if you need to.  This is great as sometimes class can be very sweaty and the possibility of washing the toxins away is great.

Enjoy this Divine Goddess Eye Pillow, we are sure you will xx


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