Eye Pillow Navy Ganesha Foil

Colour: Navy

The Silver Foil we use for our prints of this nature are extremely stunning.  They glimmer and shimmer in the light and only once they arrive to you will you realise how very beautiful they are.

We know that the God Ganesha helps us to remove obstacles and we are thankful for this assistance.  We love to place Ganesha on our Eye Pillows and allow his blessings to help us sink towards relaxation at the end of class or even when we just need a little rest.  Sometimes we just ly on the bed or the sofa and use our Eye Pillow and zone out for a little bit.  Liberating xx

The 100% cotton cover is a deep blue and resonates with the royalty that Ganesha brings with him.  Dont forget that Ganesha is also the God of the scribes, the poets.  So if you are having a little writers block, stop for a moment and rest.  Ganesha will work his magic and the words may begin to flow...

The Organic Lavender Flowers we use to fill the inserts soothe the nervous system.  The scent is divine and lasts for time..  Organic Flowers such as these are specially and organically grown on a small farm by a beautiful family.  We have worked with these people for a long time and congratulate them on their beautiful farm and precious products.

The Ganesha Eye Pillow in deep blue with Silver Foil is a treasure.  All of us can own treasure, now its your turn xx


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