Eye Pillow Love

Colour: Red

Savasana is one of the most important postures in your yoga practice. It is very important that you take the time to relax and sink to the earth. Sometimes this is just no so simple and that is where our divine eye pillows come in handy.

We make each and every one of these eye pillows with love in mind and love in our heart. The 100$ cotton cover is worked on by skilled artisans. Taking the time to make sure that they fit each and every person they ly against. It is the weight of the eye pillow that works on our soul.

We use organic lavender flowers and linseed to fill the center. We keep the insert seperate from the cover so that if you wish you are welcome to wash the cover after a particularly busy class.

Love fills our hearts and fills our day. We hope you can take LOVE with you when you leave your yoga class and when you live your day.

This eye pillow will keep its scent very well. The organic lavender flowers stay scented for a very reasonable time.

We LOVE to practice yoga and we LOVE to feel good. The best of both is possible with a Divine Goddess Eye Pillow. See for yourself!!!



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