Eye Pillow Lilac Ganesha Purple

Colour: Lilac

Ganesha is our God of choice. Nearly everyone gives thanks for the blessings he brings each and every day. We love to bring Ganesha to life as much as we can and we find no better way than by adorning our wonderful yoga products with depictions of Ganesha.

This lilac Divine Goddess Eye Pillow is pretty and perfect. We love everything about this Eye Pillow and feel sure you will too once it arrives to you at your sweet home.

The cover is made from 100% cotton. We love to use natural fibres wherever possible. Allows the love and heat in and out, perfect!

We have found for you the best Organic Lavender Flowers to fill the inserts. These flowers soothe the nervous system and relax your senses. There is something completely magical about resting deeply after a yoga practice from the heart. This Divine Goddess Eye Pillow will allow you go to deeper, find peace and access your bliss.

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