Eye Pillow Light Pink Lotus Pink

Colour: Pink

We love the softness of this Divine Goddess Eye Pillow. We have created a sweet energetic piece of art for you to work with and enjoy.

All of our Divine Goddess Eye Pillows are manufactured with 100% cotton in the cover. We have made this cover removable as we know it is better to have the choice to wash the cover if you feel like it. After a few sweaty classes it feels good to wash off the toxins and start afresh in class.

We have hand dyed the colour of the cover of this Eye Pillow. Pale Pink is soothing to the soul and easy on the eye. We love the way it combines with the deeper shade of pink for the print and the piping.

The Lotus Flower symbolises new beginnings. We like to remember that our hearts are made up of many layers and the Lotus Flower represents the opening of the heart and the shedding of the layers around it. We dont need walls around our heart and soul. We like to rise towards the light, same as the Lotus Flower and feel the freshness of living in the truth.

We have filled the seperate insert with Organic Lavender Flowers and Linseed. The Lavender Flowers calm the nervous system and soothe the senses. Take the time to enjoy a longer Sarvasana today. The weight of the Divine Goddess Eye Pillow and the Lavender Flowers will combine to bring quiet and peace to a busy body that has been working hard in class.

We also recommend to bring our Divine Goddess Eye Pillows on the plane, perfect for helping yourself to a deeper relaxation in a place where it is not always easy to attain. The sofa is also a good setting for calming moments. Take 5 minutes and feel the difference!!

Love this Eye Pillow. Love yourself!!!


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