Eye Pillow Faith


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Colour: Pink

FAITH takes time and dedication to grow and grow.  This is possible with a little practice and devotion.

At Divine Goddess we believe that all of us can cultivate deep FAITH.  It is faith that will shine the light to bring you out of the darkness of fear when it descends.  Faith will be your comforting friend when there seems to be no one else.  Faith welcomes in warmth on a darkening day or when the light seems just so far away.

We have chosen the natural fibre of cotton for our covers for the Divine Goddess Eye Pillows.  This allows the heat to disipate when the practitioner is hot and sweaty after a strong class.  The inserts are seperate which makes the covers easy to wash and use again and again.

We fill the inserts with organic lavender flowers and linseed.  Lavender flowers help us to soothe our nervous systems and calm our senses.  The scent will last well as these flowers retain their scent time and time again.  The weight of the linseed against the eyes brings a sense of calm and tranquility.

Perfect for after a strong practice or just as at home on the sofa, mid morning when there is time.  We love sarvasana and designed these eye pillows for a long and languid sarvasana.

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