Eye Pillow Burgundy Lotus Foil

Colour: Burgundy

The 100% cotton cover is a natural fibre and allows the heat to move freely through the material.  We enjoy a strong yoga practice and we realise that we may build up toxins that leave us when we settle down for sarvasana.  We would prefer that these toxins are able to leave easily and the natural fibre nature of this Divine Goddess Eye Pillow allows just that.

We have created another print in beautiful Golden Foil that is the Lotus Flower.  The Lotus Flower represents new beginnings.  This shows us that the layers of the heart are so very similar to the Lotus Flower.  We rise towards the light of truth and ease just the same way that the Lotus Flower rises from the murky depths of the pond.  Making their way towards the light with love and devotion.

We have filled the inserts with Organic Lavender Flowers and Linseed.  The Organic Lavender Flowers are grown by a very kind family for us.  We are grateful for the time and love towards are Lavender.

The Organic Lavender Flowers will help to soothe your nervous sytsem after class and again to relax our senses.  To assist in the going within is just what we had in mind when we designed these beauties for you.

Join us in this quiet moment and feel the difference just a small amount of time in stillness can make.  We also take our Divine Goddess Eye Pillows on the plane, perfec time to settle into a moment of quiet.



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