Eye Pillow Burgundy Ganesha Foil

Colour: Burgundy

Ganesha is the God who removes obstacles in our pathway to success.  He is a jolly dancer and is depicted on this Divine Goddess Eye Pillow in golden foil.  Truly a delight for you.

We create our Divine Goddess Eye Pillows with love and light.  The covers are 100% cotton and removable and fully machine washable.

The inserts we fill with Organic Lavender Seeds and Linseed.  These flowers are grown for us on an Organic Lavender farm which is divine.  Lavender flowers help to calm our nervous system and soothe our senses.

These flowers retain their scent for years to come.

We love sarvasana and love our Divine Goddess Eye Pillows just as much at home on the sofa.  Find the place that best suits you and go in!


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