Eye Pillow Burgundy Dorje Foil

Colour: Burgundy

This beautiful shade of burgundy is synonimous with the Buddhist way of life. We love the Dorje, the symbol depicted on this Divine Goddess Eye Pillow and we recognise the sweetness it brings into our lives.

The cover of this Divine Goddess Eye Pillow is 100% cotton. This natural fibre is our favourite to work with. We love the feeling of natural fibres against our skin, it lets the sun in and the darkness out. We love that yoga is the work of the heart and soul but there are times when going within is tricky. Sarvasana is a blessed posture but not always easy to access and sink within.

The Divine Goddess Eye Pillow range was created to help yogis sink through the floor and access the benefits and blessings of relaxation. The weight of the Eye Pillow helps you to find relaxation as well as the Organic Lavender Flowers and Linseed that we fill our inserts with.

The Organic Lavender Flowers are grown on a very beautiful farm full of organic love. We searched high and low until we found the right farmers for our business to work with and find them we did! Sweet people taking the time and effort to create love and light with Lavender Flowers.

Lavender soothes the nervous system and relaxes the senses. We love this scent and also realise that this scent brings protection from what you need. Need some help with sleep, use these Eye Pillows just before bed. We sometimes take a moment out during the day and ly back on our bed and use this Divine Goddess Eye Pillow to take some much needed rest.

We have created the covers seperate from the inserts and know that sometimes yoga is sweaty and we enjoy to choose whether we wash the covers or not. Choice is a lucky thing and we give you that at Divine Goddess.

LOVE xxx


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