Eye Pillow Black Hamsa Foil

Colour: Black

Divine Goddess Eye Pillows are completely manufactured by hand.  We use 100% cotton fabric.  This allows the air to move freely between your eyes and face and the eye pillow.  We make sure the cover of the eye pillow is fully removable and washable.  This way, should you become sweaty and hot at the end of class you are able to wash of the days worries in the machine or by hand and begin fresh the next practice.

Our eye pillows are filled with organic lavender flowers and linseed.  The lavender flowers soothe the senses and calm the nervous system.  The weight of the linseed allows the eyes to relax and stay closed with no effort.

The Hamsa is a symbol of great faith.  It is faith that helps us through the difficult parts of life.  When we need light to arrive in a dark situation it is faith that brings the light to us.  The hand wards off darkness and shows us the way.

Gold foil print is very beautiful and works so well with the black of the cotton.  One of our more beautiful eye pillows.  Suitable for the end of yoga practice or at home on the sofa relaxing.  Use well and enjoy!


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