Eye Pillow Black Dorje Foil

Colour: Black

Eye Pillows are a staple in a yoga room.  At Divine Goddess we wanted to make them special and as sacred as the posture that is Sarvasana.  Nearly everyone at some time or other has used an Eye Pillow.  We adore the posture of sarvasana but sometimes we need a little help sinking into the energy this posture can create.

Enter our divine and beloved range of Divine Goddess Eye Pillows.  These are manufactured from 100% cotton.  We have made the covers totally removable so you can wash and clean your cover if you feel to.  We know that practice can get hot and sweaty sometimes and we love the fact we can clear the energy and begin again.  Join us in this practice and make heat and let it go with us!  Divine.

The golden foil of this print is totally beautiful.  Gleaming in the light and radiating goodness and protection.  The Dorje is the buddhist symbol of energy united.  This is a Double Dorje so it brings in the protection and lets out the worries.  Protection, goodness and divine intention come together to awaken light and good feeling.

We have taken the time to work on all of our artwork with skilled and talented artists.  These are original works and you will find them only at Divine Goddess.

We have filled the insides of our Eye Pillows with Organic Lavender and Linseed.  These inserts are seperate from the covers, easy and simple.  the Organic Lavender flower relax the senses.  Creating a sense of calm and tranquility when you need this assistance.  The Lavender flowers retain their scent as they are a natural and divine flower.  The nervous system relaxes upon contact with lavender so we are sure you will feel this deep relaxation and sink towards the earth and rise towards the light.

This is a beautiful tool for deep meditation.  We take our on the plane also!!  Perfect for a time out when the engines are still running.

LOVE your yoga, LOVE your life


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