Eye Pillow Aqua Shiva Mandala Navy

Colour: Aqua

We love the feeling of natural fibres against our skin and we know that 100% cotton is just the right fabric to use to manufacture this Divine Goddess Eye Pillow.  We have hand dyed this fabric to the exact shade of Aqua we were dreaming about.  This takes time and patience but at Divine Goddess we have plenty of that.  We believe that yoga products need to look beautiful to reflect the ultimate beauty that is our yoga practice.

We have adorned this beloved Eye Pillow with the Shiva Mandala.  Shiva is the God who danced and created the universe.  He brings the blessings of all that there is.  Good and bad, sweet and sorry and joy and sadness.  Everything is within his grasp and ours.  Why not be reminded of this magic when you are lying down for the last posture of the class, Savasana.

We use Organic Lavender Flowers and linseed to fill our inserts for these incredible Eye Pillows.  These Organic Lavender Flowers are grown totally organically on a very small and sweet Lavender Farm in the countryside of Australia.  These farmers are a great family and work extremely hard to create the correct climate for wonderful Lavender growing.

Lavender calms the nervous system which helps us to maintain clarity and peace of mind.  We thank these conscious farmers for the blessing that is their Lavender production.

We know that you may wish to wash this cover sometimes so we keep the cover and the insert seperate which is another blessing on such a small product as this.

Now is the time to help youself to relaxation with a Divine Goddess Eye Pillow!!


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