Eye Pillow Aqua Lotus 2 Navy

Colour: Aqua

Our Lotus Flower has proven to be so popular with all of you that we wanted to create another one.  We have pride and pleasure to bring to you our second and just as beautiful Lotus Flower from Divine Goddess.  We know that the Lotus Flower welcomes us into the light of truth and clean living.  All of us feel better when we are residing in the truth of ourselves.  It is far easier to live knowing that your actions are clear and sustainable.  The Lotus Flower reminds us that we are all capable of doing just that.  Easy to be truthful and watch the light follow and fill you!!

This is a very beautiful eye pillow. Turquoise in colour, it has a navy blue lotus flower on the front.

This cover is 100% cotton to allow the body to breathe, the face wont feel smothered.

The lotus flower symbolises the opening of the soul and this lotus flower is created for us at Divine Goddess by a practicing yoga artist. Truly wonderful!

The cover is removable and fully machine washable and durable.  We like to be able to wash the cover.  Sometimes practice can get sweaty or the temperature rises. This is also perfect for studios as many students often creates the need for a wash to keep the eye pillows clean and beautiful.  Simply pop the covers in the machine and wait until they are done!!

The insert is filled with organic lavender flowers and linseed. Lavender calms the nerves and soothes the senses.  The Organic Lavender flowers will retain their scent for time to come.  They are divine and sacred smelling flowers.  Delicious!!!


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