Eye Pillow Aqua Ganesha Navy

Colour: Aqua

Ganesha is the God who removes obstacles in our pathway to success.  We all could do with a little help in this matter.  Ganesha is the God who awakens the possibility of success in our desired path.  If we remember that it is us that can make this happen and not outside components we can make magic ourselves.  Ganesha dances on our eye pillows as he helps us to remember that we can do anything.  We just need to believe this and the path is laid clear for us.

The turquoise colour of this 100% cotton cover is hand dyed by us with love for you.  We choose very carefully each and every colour and work together with our manufacturers to create just the right energy.  We have sealed the end of this eye pillow with Velcro.  This makes it so easy and simple to open and close if you desire to.

The cover is fully removable and fully washable.  If you practice a strong and sweaty yoga you may feel the desire to wash your cover and at Divine Goddess you are most welcome to do this.  Our covers will stand the test of time and handle washing in a machine.

The inserts we fill with organic lavender flowers and linseed.  The lavender flowers awaken the senses.  They calm the nervous system which is a help at the end of a strong and productive class.  We love the feeling of sinking through the floor in sarvasana and the lavender flowers help us to do just that.  The weight of the Divine Goddess Eye Pillow on the eyes helps us to sink into relaxation even when our minds are on the go.

A small but wonderful product from Divine Goddess.  Enjoy half as much as we do and you will be thrilled.


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