Eye Pillow Aqua Buddha Navy


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Colour: Aqua

We love the blessings that Buddha bestows upon all of us.  Buddha sits beneath the Bodhi Tree.  Slowly breathing life into the calm and possibilities.  We embrace all the teachings of Buddha and we love to keep his magic close.  The Divine Goddess Eye Pillow collection help us to maintain a closeness with Buddha and to practice yoga with these sensibilities in mind, day after day, week after week.

We have chosen to use 100% cotton for the cover of this Divine Goddess Eye Pillow and we have hand dyed this wonderful fabric to the exact shade of Aqua we have been working towards.  This is a soft and sweet colour and works so very well with the deep blue of the print and the piping.  Buddha is happy to sit here, quietly, calmly and with compassion in his heart.

We love to use the Divine Goddess Eye Pillows for savasana at the end of a yoga class but we also like to bring one on the plane with us.  They are perfect for helping us to go within and find some peace and quiet on the busy life of a plane ride.  Sink deep, go within and enjoy the ride!

The Organic Lavender Flowers we use for the filling for the inserts combine super sweetly with Linseed to calm your nervous system and to awaken the goodness within.

The covers are washable because sometimes practice can get very sweaty and we like to be able to choose whether or not we wash our covers.  

Natural fibre for natural loving, now is the time xxx


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