Gold Mini Hamsa Earrings eg283


Manufactured for us by the skilled artisans of Satya Jewellery in New York City.  These are delightful and symbolic earrings.  These are perfect earrings for everyday wear but just as beautiful out for dinner in the evening.

Made with 24 ct Gold Vermeil.  Their lustre is sweet and beautiful.  These earrings have been hand made using the old fashioned wax method of manufacturing jewellery.  This allows each piece to be held in the palm of the jeweller and to have good and kind energy invested in them.  Evey piece they manufacture is like this.  This ensures the high quality and good energy of Satya Jewellery.

The Hamsa is the age old symbol representing protection against negative forces.  This hand that protects can also receive blessings.  Use it wisely and well.  The Hamsa has long been a symbol of great faith.  It is up to us to welcome in blessings and also up to us to repell the darker side of life.  We can do it and we just need to find some conviction for the task at hand.  Wear these earrings and welcome deep faith into each part of your being.

Enjoy these earrings.  A percentage of all of the profits from the proceeds of sales of Satya Jewlry is donated to various childrens charities throughout the world thanks to the Satya Foundation.

Very beautiful and heart felt jewellery we are so pleased to bring to you.



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