Gold Veils Earrings eg267-b


These are another beautiful pair of earrings from the delightful jewellery manufacturers, Satya Jewellery of New York City. We delight in working with these ladies and give thanks for the beautiful jewellery that they create for us and other yogis around the world. These beautiful Earrings are a site to behold!

Satya Jewellery is manufactured in the heart of New York City. We adore working with these people. They take the craft of jewellery making very highly. Creating for us a collection that is fluid and changing all the time. Limited Edition collections are a big part of their appeal so we urge you to take these beloveds home now before we cannot offer them to you any longer.

Gold is the metal that helps to stimulate us where we need it. It is an uplifting and generous metal and shines with us from within.

The 18th Ct Gold used in this plating will stand the test of time if you treat it well. Please dont shower or swim in their earrings and they will last.

Divine Goddess and Satya Jewellery have been working together for over 5 years now. Collaborations are a thing of our hearts and minds. Wear these earrings well and watch everyone smile around you.

Much love xxx


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