Gold Lotus Cut Earrings eg235-b


Another beautiful pair of earrings from the skilled artisans at Satya Jewellery.  Manufactured in the heart of New York City.  Worked on by hand with love and great attention.

These earrings are molded from one piece of brass then sweetly dipped in the yummiest of 24ct gold.  The lotus that is cut from these discs represent new beginnings.  We wear these to be reminded that the layers of the heart are neverending.  We work through these layers in our yoga practice, day after day after day.  The Lotus Flower rises from the depths of the dark and murky pond to arrive in the quiet light of true existence.  Just what we are all working towards.

These earrings are ful of love and stunning to behold.  Sterling silver under 24ct gold for the stems and 24ct gold over brass for the pendant. 

A percentage of all sales of Satya Jewellery is donated to various childrens charities around the world.  A worthy work for some stunningly beautiful earrings.

Wait till they arrive to you!!  LOVE


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