Eco Luxe Galaxy Sublime


We are thrilled to share with you our newest member of the Divine Goddess family.

The Eco Luxe Collection are a superb range of Yoga Mats that are one layer of natural tree rubber that are heat pressed together with a microfibre suede feeling towel that we have digitally printed with this sublime design.

These are Limited Edition collections so please take them home whilst we have them.

This design we commissioned by our in house artist and is one of a kind.

We love that the warmer you become the greater the grip this yoga mat provides.

This delightful yoga mat comes in a beautiful cardboard box and we provide you with a Yoga Mat Carry Strap also.

Weighing approximately 2 kilos, this is a perfect yoga mat for all types of yoga.


61cm x 173cm x 5mm

Weight 2 kilos

bottom layer natural tree rubber

Top layer made from recycled plastic bottles

Wrapped in plant based cellophane

adorned with our original art work

A Yoga Mat Carry Strap comes with each Eco Luxe Yoga Mat

no nasty chemicals or philates used in the Eco Luxe Yoga Mat

perfect for the strongest Yoga Practice and Hot Yoga


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