Jessie Chapman Stretch and Open

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Divine Goddess and Jessie Chapman have been yogic friends for almost two decades now.  We find the connection between yoga and the goddess to be long lasting and genuine.

We are pleased to present to you another of Jessie's delightful yoga DVDs.  Filmed in the heartland of Byron Bay and surrounding areas, we know you will love this opportunity to practice wherever you find yourself.

Life can be busy and it is not always possible to complete a full practice in the privacy of your home.  Travelling present similar problems, when to practice when a flight is waiting?  We have the answer with Jessie's DVDs.

Jessie has offered a 30 minute class for when you have some time but also the clever and interesting options of a 20 minute practice and then a 10 minute practice when time allows only this.  If you regularly practice yoga for 10 minutes a day, but, with regularity, change will occur.

There is a 10 minute energising salute to the sun sequence as well as a 5 minute guided relaxing meditation.

Jessie offers detailed 'how to' lessons for each posture also.

We feel sure that you will love and enjoy the practices offered here.  The time is right to connect to your own yoga practice and to help yourself find the strength and will needed to practice at home, without the teacher present.

Yoga is the gift of life.  We love to practice yoga and know the benefits entailed once you actually get there on the mat.  Let Jessie help you there.  Its easy and simple, take your teacher with you.

Yoga is love.  Enjoy

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