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Divine Balance Bracelet - Gold

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A very beautiful piece of stonework and heart felt passion from Ananda Soul Creations. How we love to share their pieces of art work with you!


This is a perfectly divine piece of jewellery.  Ananda Soul Creations bring to us the work of the heart and soul.  The stones that are used here are all worked on by hand.  Faceting pieces such as this takes time and patience but ultimately, great skill.  We applaud this style of work and that is why we are so happy to share these delights with you.

The stones used here are Amythyst, Smoky Quartz and Clear Quartz.

Amythyst is the purple stone.  It cleans the blood and is good for the stomach.  It can help us to stengthen our spiritual awareness and can helps us to create strength, inspiration and help us to find a true sense of peace.

Smoky Quartz is an excellent grounding and protection stone.  It is good for relieving stress and anxiety.  It has been known to calm an anxious mind and can encourage positive thoughts.  Smoky Quartz is good for detoxifying the digestive system and can also protect against radiation.

Clear Quartz is the stone that amplified what we are already feeling.  If we are feeling sad we can access these emotions more easily and if we are feeling wonderful then the light can shine also so well. This is a harmonious stone and is good for travellers.  It can assist in treating headaches and dizziness and general pain relief.

All of these stones are strung together on a piece of hand dyed cotton/silk mix.  This bracelet is adjustable and we love the attention to detail and love infused in this piece.  

Moving quickly, these are pieces full of love

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