Tapas Top DGT45

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Colour: Fuschia Lotus

The Mermaid design we have created for you is simply stunning.  We took much time and persistence until we got this design just right.  We believe in Mermaids and feel sure that Yogis and Mermaids should be great friends.  Some of our best friends are Mermaids and we couldnt wait to depict them for you.

The black and gold and navy and silver mermaid scales on this garment are to be seen to be believed.  We adore this top and feel so happy and proud to present to you.

The back detail is also beautiful and we felt to offer something different for you and created this garment in a single layer fashion.  There is no inbuilt shelf bra so you can decide what to wear underneath it.  Nothing is just fine with us.

We have also created this beautiful Tapas Top in our new hand dyed shade of Fuschia and Turquoise with our trademarked Lotus symbol.  The Lotus Flower represents new beginnings and with yogis new beginnings are always just around the corner.  We rise towards the light of truth and love and find what we need on the way.

Tapas is the practice of cleaning the body using heat.  When we practice yoga we heat our bodies from the inside out and then sweat and cleanse.  We at Divine Goddess love the practice of Tapas and know it serves us and our families so very well.  Take the time and the devotion to see if it works for you, why not, there is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

This is a beautiful and elegant garment.  The back detail is really beautiful. We worked on the straps until we got it just right.  The rubber inside them provides a healthy tension and allows this garment to stay in place.  Perfect for practice and perfect for wearing casually.  This is a beautiful garment and with skirts or jeans you will be very happy.

Wash in cold water and please dry under the suns rays.  You will be happy you did and lengthen the life of each and every garment


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