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3/4 Length Yoga Pants

Dewi Leggings Pink Grey

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Soft and strong and oh so beautiful. The Divine Goddess Dewi Pants will have you feeling like a Goddess day and night, on and off the mat!


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Dewi means Goddess and we love and adore the Goddess!

We took time and patience to create these wonderful 3/4 length Divine Goddess Dewi Leggings just for you.

We weave our own Rayon Lycra at Divine Goddess so this makes our fabric individual and original.  Then we hand dye the colours and print our own original designs as quick as we can!

We LOVE the two colour waistband the features on these Dewi Leggings.  Pink and Grey combine to bring you a sweet and beautiful colour combination with just the right amount of support.  We know that sometimes you require the feeling of extra support and trust in your yoga pants and the Dewi Leggings are just the ones for you!

We have used a new lotus flower design on these pants.  We know that the Lotus Flower represents new beginnings.  The Lotus Flower rises to the top of the murky pond and makes its way towards the light.  The same way that we work towards the light of true existence and truth in our own lives.  Our yoga practice helps us to reach this light and these pants will work with you whilst you do the same.

We have included our signature diamond crotch feature so that these pants allow you to move and flow as much as necessary, whatever style of yoga practice you are working on!

We wash these Dewi Leggings in the machine on a cold cycle but we do not machine dry our pants at Divine Goddess.  We feel that machine drying shortens the life of a garment and at Divine Goddess we value our pants too much to shorten anything!

Manufactured with love and kindess for a life worth living!!

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