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Divine Goddess Candles

Daybreak Small Travel Tin Soy Candle

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Awaken with the sun and light a candle to begin the day.  Practicing with intention and devotion is the beginning of a yoga practice.

We wanted to capture the essence of Divine Goddess and Byron Bay with our candles.  The Daybreak collection seems to have done just that. 

Uplifting and citrus filled, this is a divine scent collection.  Lemongrass  is the oil we chose to soothe tired and inflamed muscles.  It also soothes tired joints.  Sit in the bath at the beginning of the day, before practice and allow the delicate scents to waft and inspire you.

Lime oil is an energizing scent.  Combined with the lemongrass, this is one of our most popular combinations.

Soy Wax is a natural alternative to chemical filled candles.  When treated correctly these Small Travel Tins will burn for 18 hours.  Simply repalce the lid and continue on your travels or keep is safely.  Soy Wax burns at a lower temperature to most candles so they will last alot longer than the average candle.

There is so much to be pleased about with our Divine Goddess Small Travel Tins.  This is the perfect gift for a friend, yogi or family member.

Handmade in the hills of Byron Bay.  We tested and tried many blends before we decided and stayed with all of these we have great pleasure in introducing to you.

Divine Light, laugh in it, play in it, practice yoga with it!

LOVE IT........

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