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3/4 Length Yoga Pants

Cowgirl Leggings

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The Cowgirl Leggings are a new and very popular item to join the Divine Goddess family.

We love the natural fibre feel of the rayon lycra fabric we use to make these pants. The feeling of natural fabric against the skin combined with a good stretch makes these pants extremely comfortable and ready to work.


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A thick elastic waist band keeps the pants in place and a hidden tie string inside the waist allow for extra support if you need this.

The colours of the inserts are striking and beautiful with our signature Lotus Flower emblem.  We love the way the inserts accentuate the natural curve and flow of a goddess.  Beautiful, just like us.  The Lotus Flower rises from the murky depths of the pond towards the light.  We realise our yoga practice is a step towards the light and we embrace the symbolism of the Lotus Flower.

We manufacture our Rayon Lycra ourselves so this is an original fabric and we dye each and every roll of fabric by hand to ensure the perfect and beautiful shades of colour you love and adore.

Snug fitting for comfort and practicality, these pants will handle a very strong practice or be completely at home in a meditative state. 

These pants are easy to care for but we do not recommend using a machine dryer to dry your clothing.  These machines shorten the life of a garment and at Divine Goddess we love our clothing so much we would like it to last.

Enjoy your practice, love your life xx

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