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Count My Blessings Bracelet, Rose Quartz-gold

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Hand faceted Rose Quartz sitting sweetly on hand woven silk thread. This silk has been hand dyed to the exact colour we love! Gold Vermeil is used to make this delightful pendant. Gold Vermeil is sterling silver under a thick coat of 24 ct gold!


We love this beautiful bracelet!  Silk thread is woven to hold the hand faceted Rose Quartz stones that sparkly and shine like the sun itself on this beloved bracelet!

We love to use Rose Quartz.  It is the stone of the heart and can enhance creativity.  This stone can also heal emotional wounds and broken hearts.  Bless all of us.  Rose Quartz is beneficial to the circulatory system and also helps us to relieve anxiety.

Ananda Soul Creations are beautiful people making beautiful products.  The packaging is utterly divine and you will feel blessed upon receiving this gift in the mail!

Christina is a like minded woman, such as ourselves who believes that all women are divine.  No matter what size or shape or colour!  She understands that we are all magnificient and works towards helping women remember this goodness.

Christina works with The Safe Childhood charity in Bali.  Helping children leave the long life of poverty and hoping to eradicate sex trafficking in children.  A blessed opportunity to support something so worthy as this!

We love Ananda Soul Creations and feel so very proud to be able to bring to you these divine pieces of love come alive!

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