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Count My Blessings Bracelet, Amythyst-silver

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We are thrilled to bring to you the designs of Ananda Soul Creations. This beloved bracelet is threaded with hand cut Amythyst stones and a stunning sterling silver pendant!


The Count my Blessings Bracelet in Amythyst and Silver is a stunning yet simple piece of jewellery!

We are so happy to work with Ananda Soul Creations and we adore their jewellery and ethos of life.

The hand cut Amythyst stones sit very sweetly on the silk thread that is hand woven on the Island of the Gods, Bali!  

Amythyst is a stone that strengthens the immune system.  It can stimulate the metabolism and can help to ease insomnia.  This can in turn provide a peaceful sleep and the opportunity to awaken rested and ready for the day ahead.  If Amythyst is rubbed on the forehead it can also help to alleviate headaches.

The silk thread of this bracelet is worked on by hand and is adjustable so the ability to fit all sizes of ladies wrists is right there.  They use high quality silk and high quality gemstones.

Ananda Soul Creations work with the charity of Safe Childhoods in Bali, that are working towards taking as many children away from the poverty of life in their villages.  In this way, the mamas work on the jewellery whilst their children are able to attend a school that is funded by this charity.  Divine work in action!

Working on the foundation that all women are beautiful, just as they are right now, we applaud and agree!

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