Gold Calming Buddha Necklace cng8-bud-l16


The Buddha represents calm. We love to remind ourselves just how easy it can be to remain calm in most situations. This beautiful piece of sacred jewellery will help you to remember this and make the most of your life. 18ct Gold over Sterling Silver and brass is a beautiful medium to remind yourself with.

Satya Jewellery manufacture this beloved jewellery in the heart of New York City. They are skilled artisans who work tirelessly to bring us the best quality and the most beautiful pieces of Spiritual Jewellery.

This new addition to the family represents the auspicious qualities of Buddha. Buddha stays calm and keeps peace within himself and therefore all those around him. We practice yoga to cultivate this quality and wearing this divine necklace helps as a gentle reminder that we can do it.

18ct Gold over Sterling Silver and brass are a beautiful metal. Gold is the metal that is uplifiting. Taking us to heights we need and love. This golden metal has been worn by goddesses for centuries as a form of adornment. Every woman is a Divine Goddess.

This necklace has a clasp that allows for different heights. We know that most women are different and not everyone wants to wear their necklaces the same way.

Love this piece and it will love you right back xxx


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