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Ganesha is the God who helps us to remove obstacles in our pathway to success. This is the Elephant Headed God and beloved to so many people around the world. We love that Satya Jewellery from New York City celebrate the power of this God with us all. 18ct Gold over Sterling Silver and brass combine to produce a stunning lustre.

We are very happy to share with you the goodness of this stunning Golden Ganesha Necklace from Satya Jewellery.

This necklace is 18 inches long so it finishes just below the collar bones. Nearly perfect for every yogini.

Satya Jewellery produce these beautiful pieces for all of us in the heart of New York City. They work on these pieces by hand and that is what puts the love into all of them. We love a Limited Edition Collection and this Ganesha Guardian Necklace is a Limited Edition piece. Please choose today as these may not last long.

Ganesha is also the God of the Scribes. The poets, the writers, the creators of written art. Let Ganesha guide you towards a greater freedom in writing and creating works of art.

We know this piece of jewellery will keep you smiling. Satya Jewellery create beautiful and heart felt pieces of Spiritual Jewellery. Join us in the celebration of life!


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