Gold Ganesha Mini Necklace cng0121-l18


Satya Jewellery manufacture the highest quality of spiritual jewellery pieces.  We adore their enthusiasm for a yogic lifestyle and the high quality of craftsmanship they bring to their jewellery manufacture.

This necklace is no exception.  The chain is 18 inches long so it sits at around your collar bone, perfect.

The pendant is Gold plated using 24ct Gold and will last very well if you do not swim or shower in this piece.  We always take our jewellery off before a swim or shower to lengthen the lustre and the life of our jewellery pieces.

Satya Jewellery use the age old method of jewellery manufacture which is the wax method.  They create a wax mould of the piece and then pour the molten metal into the cast.  Once hard they remove it and file by hand.  This hand made process ensures that all Satya Jewellery pieces are filled with love and light.

Ganesha is also the God of the scribes, the poets and the writers.  He helps them overcome writers block and clears the path for the light filled writing and sharing that these creative types are known for.

This is a simple and very beautiful piece of jewellery from Satya Jewellery.  We are thrilled to share it with you today!



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